FCC paperwork has been filed. Send us all your response letters NOW!

Circulate far and wide! Please send all complaints and letters about the sale of KUSF’s frequency to USF Assistant Dean of Social Sciences Michael Bloch, <blochm@usfca.edu>, who is the current administrator holding on to the FCC’s Public File for KUSF. According to FCC rules, all complaints and letters regarding the station are supposed to be included in that Public File.

* To ensure that your comment is filed, please include in the header, or in the body of your message:


* Please send ALL letters you’ve written about KUSF to Michael Bloch ASAP, including ANY emails you’ve already sent to Father Privett or the USF Trustees, or the SF Board of Supervisors.

* Please note that Michael Bloch is a good guy; he’s on our side so please be nice!

Let’s get our call letters back!


7 Comments on “FCC paperwork has been filed. Send us all your response letters NOW!”

  1. I sent a letter for the KUSF public file complaining about the end of local programming on 90.3, which is now just a satellite station for a programming group hundreds of miles away.

    In the absence of better advice from a media attorney, I think this is a good angle of protest to pursue with the FCC. Radio is supposed to provide local content. The public, not USF, owns the frequency. USF can sell its broadcast rights, but should be required to allow local groups a chance to buy it and reinstate local programming.

  2. Keith says:


    Keep it Independent!

  3. As someone who works as a courior, driving mainly in San Francisco, KUSF is the main station I litsen to for music. They play the music you will never hear on corparate or mainstream radio networks. The networks will only play to their tired, and over played formats and playlists. There is so much new and different music that I’ve been exposed to over the years on KUSF that I would never have gotten to hear on the networks. The other college radio stations in the Bay Area for the most part have signals that are too week to be heard clearly in San Francisco. Lastly, I think I can speak for everyone who listens to KUSF on the road… “Listening online is not an option.”

    • Linda Champagne says:

      You are sending these comments to the FCC file, right? Posting them on this page doesn’t get it to the FCC. Just making sure.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by KUSF 90.3FM, jantine branger, Chi Chi Thalken, David Menestres, The Starry Tides and others. The Starry Tides said: RT @KUSF: ok: here is the EMAIL THE FCC NOW! Info: http://savekusf.org/2011/01/26/fcc-paperwork-has-been-filed-send-us-all-your-response … […]

    • Alex Green says:

      How about a sample letter with some talking points for the less eloquent among us? Making it easier for people to send something off will mean more responses headed to the file.

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