Sign the petition to Save KUSF!

We’ve started a petition to collect and organize the names and emails of our supporters. Make sure your voice is heard and help us ensure that the Bay Area doesn’t lose this important cultural resource.


7 Comments on “Sign the petition to Save KUSF!”

  1. Eleanore Lee says:

    We need locally-controlled, quality radio. It is a real public service role for a university.

  2. David F. Johnson says:

    KUSF is an institution to this city. It should not be sold.

  3. next steps says:

    1. start an email list (, mailchimp — perhaps you can find donated email list service.)

    2. Network with others locally — build a strong base of volunteers (including listeners, djs, usf students, etc). maybe also try radio valencia, pirate cat, berkeley liberation, etc.

    3. come up with a fundraising plan. start a paypal account or use something like kickstarter to take in smaller donations. try to contact bands and other folks who relate to KUSF for larger donations or benefits.

    4. File a formal objection with the FCC. Preferably find a law firm who is sympathetic and willing to work on this on a pro-bono basis.

    5. Encourage volunteers and supporters to contact their members of Congress, local and state politicians, etc for political support.

    6. Stay in the media, sending releases or perhaps even holding a press conference when notable things happen!

  4. Trevor Montgomery says:

    KUSF means the world to me !

  5. Elizabeth Statmore says:

    Shocked that USF sold out a community gem for such a pittance. Are they planning to sell off any other priceless treasures at rock-bottom prices?

  6. Carol Zakaluk says:

    I found KUSF’s quirky programming became a vital part of my life in San Francisco during my many years living and working there. It was flagged as a station to watch by BILLBOARD magazine. PLEASE reconsider its sale, and keep it alive for its listeners and for the students of the university.

  7. Leah Matanky says:

    Keep KUSF on the air!

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