You probably woke up today asking yourself: “WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING RIGHT NOW TO HELP SAVE KUSF?”



Contact your SF Supervisor, and urge their support for the SAVE KUSF resolution introduced by Sup. Mirkarimi at the Board of Supervisors meeting on 1/25/11.   The Board will vote on this resolution at the next meeting to be held THIS COMING TUESDAY, 2/1/11.

–> First look up your district:
–> Then find your Supervisor:
–> Now write (as in right now).

Please express your support for this resolution no matter where in the city you live – even if it’s just to thank your District Supervisor for having already made the right decision.

Of course there are always some people who may need a little more convincing than others.  Is your District Supervisor one of those?  Probably best to write just in case.


send a message (or forward the one you just sent your Supervisor) to University of San Francisco President Father Privett  I’m sure you’d appreciate getting a letter now and then if you lived in a place called Lone Mountain.


Again, yeah. This time introduce yourself to the USF Board of Trustees  They’re excited to hear from you!


One last time. Forward any letters you’ve already written about the sale of KUSF’s frequency to:

USF Assistant Dean of Social Sciences Michael Bloch,, who is the current administrator caretaker of the FCC’s Public File for KUSF. According to FCC rules, all complaints and letters regarding the station are supposed to be included in that Public File. He’s on our side; be nice.

* To ensure that your comment is filed, please include in the header, or in the body of your message:


5) MAKE!

your own SAVE KUSF signs (flyers, posters, shirts, buttons, hats, tattoos, body-paint, bustiers, panties, what were we talking about?)  Or GET THIS FILE to print out a ready-made poster to hang everywhere you don’t already see one. Don’t forget tape. Or even GET THIS OTHER FILE to print out these ready-made flyers for putting in shops and clubs and on bulletin boards and in the hands of everyone you meet.


(but only at the following events, where you can also stock up on the latest Save KUSF fashions):

–  TONIGHT – January 29th, 9pm (doors 8pm): Great American Music Hall – Spanish Bombs, featuring Chuck Prophet & Chris von Sneidern performing the Clash album “London Calling”  / Titan Ups / Save KUSF

– SUNDAY, January 30th, 9pm: Argus Lounge – Save KUSF DJ Night – 9pm-close


Tuesday, February 1st – SF Board of Supervisors will vote on the Save KUSF resolution co-sponsored by Supervisors Mirkarimi, Mar, and Avalos
– 1pm Rally in front of SF City Hall.  Wear your colors.
– 2pm Board of Supervisors Meeting & Vote — the vote will take place AFTER Public Comment, so please consider telling the Board of Supervisors in person why you think their vote for the Save KUSF resolution is important.  You’ll get to be on TV, sort of.  Later, you can even post the video on your online dating profile, and be like “here’s me saving KUSF or whatever.”  Seriously though, I’d hit that.


Come back tomorrow!  Come up with ideas of your own for things you can do to help!  Then do them!



1) READ!
2) WRITE! to USC.  Tell them you don’t want our peanut butter on your chocolate, and to please keep your chocolate out of our peanut butter (don’t worry, we can totally still make out when one of us is out of town).

3) SIGN! USC folks can also sign their own petition urging USC to reconsider its role in this shady deal!



hmm, tell you what – while we figure out what to do with you, for now why not break the ice by DONATING? It’s free (i.e, no service charge)!!!

JOIN US @ The Rickshaw Stop on Friday night, 1.28.11!

SAVE KUSF will be in full force with a table selling shirts/hats, etc & letting everyone know how they can get involved in this fight!


TY SEGALL / MONOTONIX / NODZZ . . . it will kick ass!


Huge thanks to Dan and The Rickshaw Stop for this opportunity and their continued support!

JOIN US @ The Great American Music Hall on Saturday night, 1.29.11!

We’ll have a Save KUSF table there for more information on how you can help support the SAVE KUSF!

Huge thanks to The Great American Music Hall for this opportunity and their continued support!

FCC paperwork has been filed. Send us all your response letters NOW!

Circulate far and wide! Please send all complaints and letters about the sale of KUSF’s frequency to USF Assistant Dean of Social Sciences Michael Bloch, <>, who is the current administrator holding on to the FCC’s Public File for KUSF. According to FCC rules, all complaints and letters regarding the station are supposed to be included in that Public File.

* To ensure that your comment is filed, please include in the header, or in the body of your message:


* Please send ALL letters you’ve written about KUSF to Michael Bloch ASAP, including ANY emails you’ve already sent to Father Privett or the USF Trustees, or the SF Board of Supervisors.

* Please note that Michael Bloch is a good guy; he’s on our side so please be nice!

Let’s get our call letters back!

What You Can Do For KUSF Right Now

* Contact your SF Supervisor right away to urge them to sign on as a co-sponsor of the KUSF resolution when Sup. Mirkarimi introduces it at the meeting.

–> Find your Supervisor:
–> Look up your district:

* email Board of Trustees

* attend Board of Supervisors mtg. on Tuesday at SF City Hall
peaceful rally 1pm / meeting 2pm

* save kusf co-presents barn owl & phil manley @ the hemlock
tues. night 9pm

* sign the petition
(donations on this pg go to ipetitions, NOT KUSF)

The volunteers of KUSF will be taking donations soon, but we will let you know more about fund-raising effort over the next week.

KUSF djs on Radio Valencia 1.22.11, 12-4 pm

Podcast by DJ Shekky 1.23.12 ‘The Orgasmatrain’

KUSF djs spin on Radio Valencia (87.9 FM) Sat, 1.22.10 12-4 pm

You can also listen online at:

12-4 pm Pacific time, to hear KUSF djs spin music and talk about the sale of our station. We may be taking calls!

Tentative line up:

Nobody & Mun 12-1
6th Degree & dj Fari 1-2
Michelle & Jantine B. 2-3
Shekky & Germ 3-4

Op-Ed statement by Stephen Privett on SFGate

Stephen Privett has written a statement for the Open Forum section of SF Gate, this will likely be in Saturday’s Chronicle:

see it in context:

The full text of his statement is included below..

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